What is Business Architecture? And how it can help your business growth?

Business Architecture

The Concept of business architecture has been proposed as a blueprint of the enterprise as a business strategy and also a representation of business design. The History of Business Architecture has its origins within the 1980s. In the next decades, it has developed into a discipline of “cross-organizational” design of the business as a whole class related to enterprise architecture.

Business Architecture is Comprised of the following different stages:
  1. Knowing who is your ideal client.
  2. Create a proper business strategy.
  3. Create a Network for Success.
  4. Invest in Social Media.
  5. Grow online with digital marketing.

How Business Architecture is helpful for businesses Growth?

Business Architecture helps to understand the nature of the market and its promotional activities. One can easily increase growth by executing business architecture strategies. It is obvious that nowadays, all businessman wants an online presence to develop more. So to achieve goals business architecture plays an important role.

No matter what size of firm you run, having a business development plan for your firm will help you focus on how to get more clients. It’ll make growing your brand easier, help you improve your standing in the industry, and help you network with peers.All of this may assist you to grow your firm. Here are three top business development strategies, plus insight from successful architects, to take off your business.


So, where do we go from here? What do we need to do? How do we make a successful business architecture strategy? We may start from acknowledging the facts of the past and creating a blueprint of business architecture that can seize the opportunities of the future. There are three thinking shifts necessary to make this transition:
1. Move to strategy-inspired decisioning. Most organizations treat guiding principles as a set of good intentions—like New Year’s resolutions, they are the things we know would be good for us if only we had the discipline to actually do them. This sets up an unhealthy dynamic that reduces EA’s credibility. Principles are rules that people expect us to live by. We build credibility by demonstrating our adherence to our principles in the face of adversity. No adherence means no credibility.No one expects stringent adherence to a strategy. It is a much more flexible construct than a principle with the added benefit of aligning better with the way business leaders think.
2. Move to continuous evolution. Today, with the increasing integration of business and technology, the pace of change has accelerated to a point where this model makes little sense. It is to ensure that the organization is one step closer to getting where it wants to be every day.
3. Move to collaboration. Enterprises architects clients are also frustrated, perceiving EA governance as an impediment—something that might be better termed a worst practice. Businesses run on relationships, collaboration, and influence. 

Final Words!!

In this blog, I have discussed business architecture and how it can help us to increase the growth of our business. So, if you want to increase your business growth then you can follow the business architecture.


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